On Becoming Myself

One year ago I quit my job. A common thing in the United States, but I was working for a small Japanese company, where loyalty to the company is expected and lifetime employment is still the ideal.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a few years. In 2001, I was asked to help start up a local branch of a Japanese manufacturing company. I didn’t know anything about business, but I had a degree in Japanese Language and Literature and communicated well with the president. We started the company with six employees, and as we grew to 120 employees over the next 17 years I learned about accounting, human resources, safety, information technology, and more. I had to deal with price negotiations with suppliers, visas and housing for our Japanese expatriates, payroll software, tax returns, and federal OSHA inspections.

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This is my first blog post, marking the date my web site went live. Thank you for stopping by! I plan to update the blog often with my latest work.